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News - 2019-12-06
Stalexport Autostrady

From 1 January 2020 to 31 March 2020 at least, preferential toll rates for automatic payments: A4Go, Autopay, Telepass at the A4 motorway, section Katowice-Krakow.

For category 1 of vehicles (other than motorcycles): PLN 7 gross, for category 2 and 3 of vehicles, PLN 17 gross, for category 4 and 5 of vehicles, PLN 30 gross.

News - 2019-12-02
Stalexport Autostrady

Report No. 34/2019

Preferential toll rates for automatic payment: A4Go, Autopay, Telepass at A4 motorway Katowice-Kraków

News - 2019-11-07
Comments on results of Stalexport Autostrady Group in 2019Q1-Q3

Comments on results of Stalexport Autostrady Group in 2019Q1-Q3

In 2019Q1-Q3 Group’s revenue amounted to PLN 266,206 thousand and increased by 4.3% compared to 2018Q1-Q3 (PLN 255,207 thousand), mainly due to increase of revenue from management and operation of motorway (increased by 4.3%), including toll revenue (increased by 4.4%) on the toll section of A4 Katowice-Kraków motorway

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Stalexport Autostrady
in numbers

30 years

period of concession
for the adaptation and operation
of the A4 motorway Katowice-Kraków

23 %

return on equity
of the Capital Group in 2017 (ROE)

PLN 186.4 million

profit of the Capital Group PLN
in 2018

45 298

daily traffic on the motorway
A4 Katowice-Kraków in 2018

PLN 332.4 million

toll revenue in
in 2018

61 km

length of the toll section
of the A4 motorway

PLN 242.4 million

operating profit
of the Capital Group
in 2018

5.2 %

dynamics of daily
average traffic
in 2018

16.5 million

number vehicles
on the motorway
in 2018


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