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Current share price Stalexport Autostrady SA

3.92 zł -2% -0.08zł 2019-03-22

Main shareholders

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  • Equity: 185,446,517.25 zł. (paid in full)
  • Total number of shares/votes: 247,262,023
  • Nominal value of one share: 0.75 PLN

The presented structure of shareholders of Stalexport Autostrady S.A. is based on notifications received by the Company according to article 69 and 69a in connection with article 87 of the Act on Public Offering and conditions of introducing the financial instruments to public trading and on public companies.

Shareholders Number of shares/votes Share in capital %
Atlantia S.p.A 151,323,463 61.20%
Other shareholders 95,938,560 38.80%

Shareholders of Stalexport Autostrady S.A.

Atlantia S.p.A (shareholder of Stalexport Autostrady S.A. since 21st of December 2016)

Atlantia Capital Group - operator of a network of about 5 thousand km of toll motorways in Italy, Brazil, Chile, India and in Poland, a leader with respect to automatic motorway toll collections systems. Atlantia is listed at the stock exchange in Milan.