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Very good financial results of the Stalexport Autostrady Capital Group in Q1 2024

Press Releases 9 May 2024

Stalexport Autostrady Capital Group ended Q1 2024 with a positive result. It was marked by an increase in key performance indicators – revenues and net profit, and higher EBIDTA.

In Q1 2024, the average traffic intensity on the A4 Katowice-Kraków motorway increased by 0.8 percent compared to Q1 2023 and amounted to 44.2 thousand vehicles per day. Taking into account only passenger cars, there was an increase of 1.3 percent, in the case of trucks, the traffic intensity decreased by 1.5 percent.

Revenue generated by the Stalexport Autostrady Capital Group amounted to approx. PLN 127.2 million in Q1 of this year, which represents growth by nearly 23 percent compared to the level from last year.

EBIDTA of the Stalexport Autostrady S.A. Capital Group amounted to PLN 91.3 million, which means an increase of approx. 36% compared to the corresponding period of the previous year.
Net profit amounted to approx. PLN 59.2 million, i.e. 45.8 percent more than in Q1 of the previous year.

The following factors affected the above-mentioned results: higher traffic intensity, change of toll rates on the A4 Katowice-Kraków motorway introduced for all vehicle categories effective as of 3 April 2023, and elimination of preferential rates for drivers using automatic payments in January this year.

The Stalexport Autostrady Capital Group continues to implement the investment program started last year related to the expiry of the concession and the obligation to hand over the A4 Katowice-Kraków motorway in excellent technical condition to the public. The pavement is being replaced, the concessionaire is also planning to renovate 22 bridges and overpasses and modernise the drainage system, which will contribute to the protection of surface water.

At the end of April this year, just before the publication of the report with preliminary results for the first quarter of 2024, the website was made available to drivers. It provides comprehensive information on the situation on the motorway and changes in traffic flow management resulting, among others, from renovation and maintenance works.