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Stalexport Autostrady Group at the European Economic Congress in Katowice (May 16-18, 2011)

Press Releases 19 May 2011

Well-understood public-private partnership is an efficient formula of financing expensive and difficult investments, which undoubtedly include motorways. “Privatisation” of communication infrastructure, which took place e.g. in Italy, shows how to successfully manage infrastructure development, ensuring high quality of its maintenance and increasing – in the short term – budget’s income – this is what Mieczysław Skołożyński, Vice-President of the Management Board and CFO in Stalexport Autostrady, said about the model of financing the construction of infrastructure during the debate at the European Economic Congress 2011 devoted to infrastructure and transport.

Mieczysław Skołożyński added that preparing investment processes concerning the construction of motorways in the PPP formula must take into account the perspective of financial institutions. It is a guarantee of healthy, safe projects. According to Skołożyński, the tender which is being prepared for the A1 motorway gives hope that such an attitude will be taken by the public party.

Participants in the discussion about the goals of transport policy, transport infrastructure priorities as well as costs and ways of financing investments connected with constructing and modernising roads also included e.g. Lech Witecki, acting General Director of General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways; Adrian Furgalski, Director of TOR Economic Advisors Group; Jerzy Polaczek, Minister of Transport in 2005-2007. The discussion panel was hosted by Tadeusz Syryjczyk, Expert of TOR Economic Advisors Group, Minister of Transport and Shipping in 1998-2000.