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Average Daily Traffic and toll revenues on motorway Katowice-Kraków in 2013Q1-Q3

Press Releases 12 November 2013

In 2013Q1-Q3, the Average Daily Traffic (ADT) on the concession section of A4 Katowice-Kraków motorway amounted to 31,690 vehicles and was higher by 9.5% than the traffic level recorded in the same period of 2012 (28,951 vehicles). Toll revenues in 2013Q1-Q3 amounted to PLN 150,941 thousand excluding VAT representing an increase of 12.7% compared to the same period in 2012 (PLN 133,974 thousand excluding VAT).

In case of cars ADT increased from 24,297 vehicles in 2012Q1-Q3 to 26,717vehicles in 2013Q1-Q3 (increase by 10.0%). Toll collection revenues from cars in 2013Q1-Q3 amounted to PLN 105,186 thousand excluding VAT and increased by 15.7% in comparison to 2102Q1-Q3 (PLN 90,879 thousand excluding VAT). Higher growth of toll collection revenues than increase of ADT was the result of two main reasons: i) increase in toll rate (lower toll rate was applicable for the first two months of 2012Q1-Q3) and ii) change in revenue recognition (in 2102Q1-Q3 the revenue on partial traffic of frequent users who purchased subscription coupons in 2011 had already been recognized as revenue on the date of sale in 2011 and that had an impact on the revenue in 2012, while 2013Q1-Q3 the revenue frequent users’ traffic was recognized as revenue in the period). Management Board believes that the positive trend in traffic growth of cars is the result of users’ appreciation of high standard of motorway and the reduction of time travel due to completion of road repairs.

Whereas in case of lorries ADT increased by 6.9%, i.e. from 4,654 vehicles in 2012Q1-Q3 to 4,973 vehicles in the 2013Q1-Q3 and is lower than the increase of ADT in case of cars. The toll collection revenues from lorries in 2013Q1-Q3 amounted to PLN 45,755 thousand excluding VAT and increased by 6.2% in comparison to 2012Q1-Q3 (PLN 43,095 thousand excluding VAT). Slight discrepancy between dynamics of toll collection revenue and ADT is due to the change in the structure of lorries (toll rates depend on the vehicle category) and the fact that the year 2012 was a leap year (resulted in one more toll collection revenue day in 2012).