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Average Daily Traffic (ADT) on A4 motorway Katowice-Kraków in 1Q2012

Press Releases 9 May 2012

In 1Q2012 Average Daily Traffic (ADT) on the concession section of A4 motorway Katowice-Krakow amounted to 25,620 vehicles and it was by 9% lower than that recorded in the same period a year earlier (28,161 vehicles). A change of law had a significant impact on reducing the level of traffic resulting in introducing ETC on network of motorways, expressways and selected national roads – replacing toll cards (vignettes) existing so far. As a result of this change, as from July 01, 2011 the Group started a real toll collection for heavy vehicles with a maximum permissible mass exceeding 12 tones which so far - on the basis of a valid vignette - benefited from an exemption from the toll on concession sections. The decline in traffic noted at that time, was a natural consequence of the replacement of a single flat rate fee for use of the motorway by the actual fee the amount of which depends on the number of driven kilometers. The above amendment has resulted in decline in the number of heavy vehicles on the motorway section managed by the Group by 36.8%, i.e. from 6,785 vehicles in 1Q2011 to 4,290 vehicles in 1Q2012. Comparing these figures it should be remembered that they represent the traffic level of heavy vehicles recorded in two different legal regulations.

For our shareholders, information about a constant, reported also in 1Q2012, increase in toll revenues from heavy vehicles should be the most important one - says Mariusz Serwa, Vice-President of the Management Board and CFO in Stalexport Autostrada Małopolska S.A.

The level of ADT in 1Q2012 was affected by the decision of the Group to increase the toll collected from light vehicles. From March 01, 2012 the drivers of these vehicles on concession section of motorway pay PLN 18,0, i.e. by 12.5% more than ever. Mainly for this reason in 1Q2012 the light vehicles traffic decreased slightly (decrease by 0.2%) and amounted to 21.330 vehicles compared to 21.376 vehicles recorded in the same period a year earlier.